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As the administration and Congress get down to brass tacks in slashing the federal budget, one would think that President Barack Obama’s proposal to cut $1.3 billion from EPA’s budget would be well-received by Republicans who have spent a lot of time this year criticizing the agency.  In fact, according to a story by Politico, that is in fact not the case.  Click here to read the Politico story:

For all their talk about the “job-killing” EPA, Republicans have a dirty little secret: They actually like many of the agency’s efforts, particularly bread-and-butter programs aimed at cleaning up drinking water and air pollution in their districts.

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The Energy ReportAccording to a new report from the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), a fully sustainable and renewable global energy system is possible by 2050.  The Energy Report, researched for the WWF by Ecofys, a leading energy consulting firm in the Netherlands,  shows that humanity could meet 95 percent of energy needs with renewables utilising today’s technologies, and that in four decades we can have a world of vibrant economies and societies powered entirely by clean, cheap and renewable energy, with a vastly improved quality of life.

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