Netroots Memories: Clean Energy Girl vs. Dirty Coal Monster

This was by far the most flamboyant activity I have done this summer while interning at Public Citizen. I went to Netroots to promote a talk hosted by the Sierra Club, Lightbulbs to Leadership. I got a little too into character at times. I might have even jigged a bit. The most interesting moments for me were talking with Go Left TV, various bloggers and a radio station. One tried to play “stump the environmentalist” by asking me about nuclear. Which was more than fine by me since I just spent the last couple months researching and organizing around the topic. One of the misconceptions that I got to clear up was the fact that producing nuclear energy does produce green house gases, at least three times more than renewables such as wind.
It was a riduculous and effective way of getting out our message: energy efficiency and renewables can meet our energy needs.
-Melissa K. Seal
Clean Energy Girl vs Dirty Coal Monster