Come out and be heard: Austin Energy wants public input, yall!

towncrier3asWant Austin to do think outside the box on energy efficiency?

Think we should invest in storage technology to store all that beautiful wind and solar energy?

Want to see city hall but never had a reason to?

On Wednesday, Jan 28, Austin Energy will host a town hall meeting at city hall (301 W. 2nd Street) to solicit public comments and input on their future energy planning.  Here’s the full schedule.  If you can’t make one, make the other.

January 28, 2009 (Wednesday) City Hall Council Chambers (301 West 2nd Street); 6-9 PM

February 3, 2009 (Tuesday) Town Lake Center – Assembly Room (721 Barton Springs Road)

February 5, 2009 (Thursday) Carver Branch Library  (1161 Angelina)

Public Citizen, in case you were unaware, recommends mega energy efficiency programs (since there’s so much available in Texas), larger investment in renewable power (especially solar), and development of energy storage technologies like compressed air energy storage, thermal storage, advanced batteries, ultracapacitors, and flywheels.  Learn more here.  Austin Energy’s info is here.