Rally to Restore Sanity in Austin

Come join us tomorrow, Saturday morning, for a satellite rally of John Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” which is happening in Washington D.C. The festivities start at 11am and go till 2pm (a march against the death penalty starts at 3).

Thousands will gather on the steps of the Texas Capitol building in honor of sanity and a call to “bring it down a notch” for our country. Lately the media and the national spotlight has been increasingly focused on fanatics and extremists. Lets get together for a day of focusing back on the real America in the hopes we can start talking about how to address the real problems we face – not sensational, fabricated nonsense.

We will be there with more information on the campaigns we are running and encouraging what we always do: the shift from dirty energy to energy efficiency and renewables (crazy, we know).

For more information on the rally visit Restore Sanity Austin.


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