Special Session Begins Today

The special session that Governor Rick Perry called started this morning.  On the agenda: extending the life-line of several state agencies that were up for review, such as the Department of Transportation, Insurance, Public Insurance Counsel, and the Texas Racing Commission and the State Affordable Housing Corporation.  If legislators don’t pass a bill to extend these agencies, they will expire next Septemeber with nothing to replace them.

Perry has also called for legislators to authorize $2 billion in road-building bonds.

That’s all that’s on the agenda.  As the AP quoted Perry saying, “Get’em in, get’em out and get the work done. Badda bing, badda boom!”

Technically, the session once called lasts 30 days, but if lawmakers get their work done early they will leave at that point.  According to the AP, Perry seems pretty confident that legislators will be home in their districts in time for Fourth of July fireworks.