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Amplify Public Citizen!

Amplify Austin – Austin’s annual day of giving – starts today at 6 p.m.!  For the first time every, you can donate to support the work of Public Citizen’s Texas office through Amplify Austin.  We’re very excited about this opportunity and hope that the community will help us keep doing more to protect the environment and everyone who lives in it.

Amplify Austin Day runs from 6 p.m. today (Thursday, March 2) through 6 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, March 3), but you can schedule a donation now.  All donations will be matched 100% by several generous donors.

Make your donation to Amplify Public Citizen now!

Public Citizen’s roots are in consumer protection and we see protecting the environment as part of that core mission.  If the creation, use, or disposal of a product causes unsafe environmental conditions – like polluted air or water – then that’s not really a safe product.  Often, the people most impacted by pollution are the most vulnerable among us – those too poor to move to safer, less polluted neighborhoods and those who don’t have health insurance.  We’re fighting to ensure a good quality of life for all everyone.

A lot of our work focus on transforming electricity production to renewable energy sources because of the environmental harm caused by using fossil fuels and nuclear energy.  Fighting climate change is at the core of much of the work we do in Austin and the rest of Texas.  We’re a leader in the effort to get Austin’s coal-fired power plant (Fayette) shut down and get Austin Energy to transition to 100% carbon-free energy.  We’re also working to expand energy efficiency and solar programs, so that they will benefit all Austinites in an equitable way.  We also do similar work in other parts of Texas.

We’re a small staff that takes on a lot of work.  You can be certain that you donation will have a direct impact on how much additional work we can take on.

Join the fight against climate change with you donation to Public Citizen.

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