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Oral Hearing Set for June 23rd-June 24th in Bay City, TX

Citizen opposition to more nuclear reactors in Texas continues. On June 23rd-24th an oral hearing will be held before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board on the Citizens’ Petition to Intervene in South Texas Project (STP) Nuclear Power Plant Units 3 and 4.

SEED Coalition, Public Citizen and South Texas Association for Responsible Energy are petitioners seeking to intervene in the proposed expansion of South Texas Project.

“Building two more nuclear reactors at STP is not in the best interest of the local community,” said Susan Dancer, a local wildlife rehabilitator. “Pursuing the most expensive and most water intensive energy source in a time of extraordinary drought and economic recession makes no sense. The local community will get stuck with more radioactive waste and bear heavy infrastructure costs if the proposed reactors get built. The existing reactors have not solved local economic problems.” Dancer chairs the Bay City based organization South Texas Association for Responsible Energy (STARE).

Attorney Robert V. Eye will represent the petitioners before the designated Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel and argue the admissibility of the 28 contentions citizens filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on April 21st. These contentions point out the inadequacies and the incompleteness of South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company’s (STPNOC) combined operating license application (COLA) to construct and operate South Texas Project Units 3 and 4. NRG Energy and San Antonio’s municipal utility CPS Energy are both applicants for the proposed reactors, which fall within STPNOC.

“NRG has failed to comply with new federal regulations regarding aircraft impacts,” stated Mr. Eye. “These new regulations are very specific and require the applicant to plan for catastrophic fires and/or explosions that would cause the loss of major critical functional components in the plant. After 9-11, an aircraft attack on a nuclear power plant is a real and credible threat. Moreover, fire hazards represent about half of the risk of a nuclear reactor meltdown. NRG’s noncompliance with these regulations puts citizens around South Texas Project in a dangerous position, which is completely unacceptable.” (more…)

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strangleholdAmerican homes lose $13 billion in wasted energy every year, averaging a whopping $150 per family. What’s more, the average family spends about $1,900 per year on utility bills.

In these economic times, it’s hard to fork out that kind of money.

What’s even more outrageous is that energy companies are currently lobbying Congress for more handouts and more “pork,” while everyday citizens are feeling the stranglehold of energy costs.

There is a solution – but we need to act fast.

Congress is considering setting aside more than $10 billion ($6 billion in grants, $4 billion in tax credits) for homeowners to weatherize their homes as part of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package. The “green energy stimulus” also would include measures to promote renewable energy and a public works project to make public buildings more energy-efficient.

Act today and urge lawmakers to include energy-efficiency initiatives for you and other homeowners in the stimulus package. Tell them to resist pleas for “pork” from the nuclear and oil industries, which have gotten plenty over the past few years – at your expense.

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In case you haven’t heard, word on the street is that we’re in an economic recession.  Apparently lots of people are losing money, markets are down, and everything is on sale, sale, sale!

Things aren’t any different in the market for recycled goods.  Recyling industries are hurting, city government’s aren’t making as much money from their recycling programs, and some are even having to scrap various aspects of their programs. Thankfully,  Ms. Fisk’s second grade classroom has taken a stand.

champagne1While paper, plastic, and cardboard prices have all plunged, glass prices have remained stable. Explains Kate Galbraith at Green, Inc:

Why? The main reason, experts say, is that it gets reused domestically. Whereas paper and plastics are shipped to China to be recycled, the glass is often crushed in the United States.

So this New Year’s, raise your glass of bubbly secure in the knowledge that you’ve made the best possible environmental decision in purchasing that recyclable and lucrative glass bottle.  If you’re a beer drinker, spring for the longneck over that classy aluminum can.  Or better yet, get it on draft!  May I suggest Real Ale’s Coffee Porter?  The you can feel extra smug because on top of being low-waste, its local!  Real Ale brews out of Blanco, and the Coffee Porter is made with organic barley and organic fair trade coffee roasted by Avi Katz in Houston.

Hoppy New Year! (yuk, yuk, yuk)  Be safe, y’all.

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