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In the dark of the night on January 27, a hefty provision was snuck through the Senate Appropriations Committee. It would expand the current loan guarantee program by providing $50 billion in taxpayer backed loan guarantees for “eligible technologies”.

The handout is likely to be directed at new nuclear reactors and “clean coal”- technologies that undermine the spirit of a bill intended to stimulate a new green economy that boost “shovel-ready” projects and creates jobs within the next two years.

Please call you Senators and tell them to strip the Senate economic stimulus bill of subsidies intended to underwrite nuclear power and “clean coal.” Tell them to remove the $50 billion loan guarantee provision!

We don’t have much time – the Senate will start debating the economic stimulus today. You can find your member of the Senate here.

Please, call your Senators now and demand that unnecessary “pork” be pulled out of the bill. Then fill out this letter  to let us know who you called and how it went.

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urgentCongress is voting on Obama’s much anticipated stimulus package today. If you want this package to include measures to promote renewable energy and a public works project to make public buildings more energy-efficient — and if you read this blog, I bet you do — tell your legislator now! It will only take a minute, and could make a HUGE difference for America’s energy future.

Act Now!

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strangleholdAmerican homes lose $13 billion in wasted energy every year, averaging a whopping $150 per family. What’s more, the average family spends about $1,900 per year on utility bills.

In these economic times, it’s hard to fork out that kind of money.

What’s even more outrageous is that energy companies are currently lobbying Congress for more handouts and more “pork,” while everyday citizens are feeling the stranglehold of energy costs.

There is a solution – but we need to act fast.

Congress is considering setting aside more than $10 billion ($6 billion in grants, $4 billion in tax credits) for homeowners to weatherize their homes as part of the Obama administration’s economic stimulus package. The “green energy stimulus” also would include measures to promote renewable energy and a public works project to make public buildings more energy-efficient.

Act today and urge lawmakers to include energy-efficiency initiatives for you and other homeowners in the stimulus package. Tell them to resist pleas for “pork” from the nuclear and oil industries, which have gotten plenty over the past few years – at your expense.

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