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txsunsetHey folks, tomorrow a whole host of solar bills are going into be heard in the Senate Business and Commerce Committee.  Our friends over at Environment Texas have a petition up where you can show legislators your support for solar.  The sun’s setting on this petition, so sign up today!

From the horse’s mouth, here’s the email from Luke Metzger, Director of Environment Texas.  Poetic, ain’t it?

With the first day of spring upon us, we’re already experiencing the warmth and life that the Texas sun provides.

For the first time, the Legislature is taking a serious look at using the sun to solve our energy problems by investing in solar power. With the right support, Texas could become a world leader in solar power, helping protect our environment and putting people back to work in good green jobs.

We can make it happen, but we need your help. Please sign our petition asking the Legislature to Go Solar!

Decisions made by policy makers in the next year will determine whether Texas can ride the solar wave, capturing the vast potential of solar power for our state. Texas has the best solar potential in the nation and we could power the entire state many times over with our abundant sunshine.

Texas should spur the development of solar power within the state by creating rebates and incentives to make it easier for homeowners and businesses to install solar on their rooftop, investing in solar for schools and large-scale solar farms, requiring utilities to pay consumers a fair price for surplus electricity generated, and prohibiting homeowners associations from blocking solar.

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