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Yo Austin!  The City of Austin’s Water Conservation Office is GIVING AWAY free water efficient toilets, but the program ends July 31st.  Single family, multi-family, and commercial buildings all apply!  You can either get a $200 rebate for an efficient toilet of your choosing, or get a totally free toilet and $60 rebate for installation.

Replacing your old toilet with a new, water efficient model could cut your home water consumption by 25% — which means you’ll save that much every month on your water bill! Depending on how much water your current toilet uses, you could save 2 – 5 gallons for every stinking flush (hehe).


But to take advantage of the program, you’ll have to submit an application before the July 31st deadline (or before they run out, whichever comes first).  Download your application and send it in today, no need to wait!

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