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Texas faces the possibility of real reform on how we draw our districts next time around, hopefully preventing the repeat of the debacle from last time around when a partisan agenda prompted a walkout by members of the Legislature. So, while doing some research about redistricting reform this morning I stumbled upon a “gem” of a “video game.”

Get Your Gerrymander On!

Get Your Gerrymander On!

In Redistricting: The Game, you’re taken through the pitfalls of partisan gerrymandering.  You get to draw your own districts,  put voters in districts based on whether they’re Republican, Democrat, White, Black, Hispanic, etc, bribe people– you know, just like the real process.

It’s not really that spectacular in terms of graphics, gameplay, etc, but it gives you a fair amount of idea what it would be like to have the power to draw the lines for your own purposes.

Play it online (no download required) at http://www.redistrictinggame.org/

Enjoy, and be sure to comment below on how you think redistricting  should be approached.

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