Why 350?

In the past few weeks I have come across 350.org‘s recent animated video several times, each time more impressed at its simplicity and effectiveness. In 90 seconds, without words, the short cartoon manages to convey what we are doing to cause global warming, why you should care, and what you can do about it.


350.org‘s message is clear and simple. Global warming is a universal problem and if we continue to go about our lives normally at 387 ppm we will suffer dire consequences (many of which we are already experiencing—melting ice caps, increased drought, and more incidences of disease). Though universal in scope, effects of global warming will vary by region. Texas leads the United States in greenhouse gas emissions and if we were a country, we would rank 7th in the world for our emissions.

BUT, it is not too late! …if we act now. Just like the stick figures in the video, what you do adds up. Every little thing helps. So, ride your bike to work, use canvas bags at the grocery store, write your congressman to support renewable energy sources, invest in more efficient appliances, and keep spreading the word: 350.