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The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission will make its recommendations on how and whether to allow such state agencies as the Railroad Commission, the Public Utility Commission and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to stay in business, tomorrow, January 12th.

The meeting convenes at 8 a.m. in the Senate Finance Committee room Room E1.036, Capitol Extension, 1400 Congress Avenue, Austin, Tx.  However, we don’t expect the Commission to get around to the Railroad Commission or TCEQ until after noon and the final Vote on Commission Recommendations to the 82nd Legislature is the last thing on their agenda.

Meeting materials are available on the Sunset Commission’s website at http://www.sunset.state.tx.us/whatsnew.htm.

Staff reports on the above agencies are available at http://www.sunset.state.tx.us/82.htm.

If you want to watch the meeting via the internet rather than attending, access is available through a live  broadcast at www.senate.state.tx.us/bin/live.php.

Current status of the proceedings will be posted at www.sunset.state.tx.us.

Join this meeting however you can.  It should prove to be interesting.

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Texas Net-Metering Report This past summer, interns in Public Citizen‘s Texas office were busy calling utility companies (including rural electric cooperatives and municipally owned utilities) to find out what their policies were on net-metering. 

Net-metering is an arrangement by which excess renewable electricity produced by consumers who own (generally small) renewable energy facilities, such as wind, solar power or home fuel cells, is supplied to the electrical utility grid, causing the customer’s electric meter to spin backwards and generate credit to the customer’s electric utility account

What the policies are for customers to connect to the grid and how any credits are assessed to them for their excess energy is the subject of this report.  To read our report, click here.

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