A New American Dustbowl?

While the temperatures have come down from the relentless 100 degree heat wave that blanketed much of the state of Texas this summer, and parts of the state have seen some much needed rain, the state climatologist is warning us that conditions are lining up for us to be in a drought pattern for the next five years and even as long as into 2020.

Last week, the US Drought Monitor showed 73 percent of the state still in the exceptional drought category (down from the 89 percent from the previous week) which means the state still has to have significant rainfall to begin recovery from what has been the single worst drought year on record for Texas. But a La Nina pattern is going to keep us dryer and warmer than normal for a while longer.  In the meantime, Texas will continue to deal with the aftermath of an extreme drought — water restrictions, fire bans, curtailed agricultural activity, and now dust storms.

Check out these photos taken by local Lubbock residents.