Competitive Power “Advocates” launches new website to support deregulation of the electric market

The industry group, Texas Competitive Power Advocates, today unveiled its spiffed-up new website to help drive its message in support of choice in the retail electric market.

In addition to advocacy information, the site provides links to state and local government regulatory agencies, the major news outlets and the association’s social media networks.

Check out their site and let us know if you think it provides information that helps you navigate the competitive electricity market here in Texas – http://www.competitivepower.org/

If you get your electricity from a municipal utility or are a member of a rural electric cooperative, this does not apply to you.  But if you are in an area where you have market choices and are wondering if you are getting the best deal, check it out.  Much has been said about electric deregulation in Texas, and we are curious to hear from you to let us know how you think that has been going.