Defend Local Control at the Texas House Energy Resources Committee

Defend local controlThere are two bills up for a hearing on Monday, March 23rd that would impact the ability of local communities to pass ordinances to protect the well-being of its citizens around fracking.  We encourage all those concerned about defending their right to local control to attend the hearing and testify or if that is not possible, contact the offices of the members of the committee and let them know how you stand before the hearing.

HB 40 – Darby | et al. – Relating to the express preemption of regulation of oil and gas operations and the exclusive jurisdiction of those operations by the state.

HB 539 – King, Phil | et al. -Relating to the procedural requirements for the adoption of a municipal regulation, limitation, or prohibition on the production, storage, or transportation of oil or natural gas; authorizing a fee.

These two bills are scheduled for a hearing in the House Energy Resources Committee on Monday, March 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM or upon final adjournment/recess of the Texas House.  The committee hearing will be in the Capitol Extension in room E2.010.  The members of that committee are listed below the jump.

Chair: Rep. Drew Darby 512-463-0331
Vice Chair: Rep. Chris Paddie 512-463-0556
Members: Rep. Rafael Anchia 512-463-0746
Rep. Terry Canales 512-463-0426
Rep. Tom Craddick 512-463-0500
Rep. Tony Dale 512-463-0696
Rep. Abel Herrero 512-463-0462
Rep. Jim Keffer 512-463-0656
Rep. Phil King 512-463-0738
Rep. Brooks Landgraf 512-463-0546
Rep. Morgan Meyer 512-463-0367
Rep. Debbie Riddle 512-463-0572
Rep. Gene Wu 512-463-0492