Family Farms and Local Foods Education Day at the Capitol Monday, February 21

Local Farms Day Flier

This Monday the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) will be hosting an education day at the Texas Capitol about farming and local foods.

Understanding how our food is grown and distributed is crucial to our health and mental well-being.  FARFA urges the public to investigate the implications of big Agribusiness’ practices upon our health as well as that of plants and animals.

I personally altered my own diet in the past year after considering how GMOed foods, pesticides, agricultural runoff, food additives, and meat and dairy industry practices affect both my body and our Earth.  I feel a lot better already!

Although not instantly apparent, Public Citizen and FARFA promote some similar ideas.   Contributing to local economies reduces carbon emissions by reducing the physical distance a product must travel to get to a consumer.  Large Agribusinesses pollute local water supplies with higher concentrations of chemical and animal waste runoff.  Interestingly, cattle emit nearly as much carbon as cars do.

This day is important to all of us because when it comes down to it,  food, shelter and water are the only basic human necessities and local farmers have invaluable knowledge about how to supply quality food and water to our communities.