Radioactive Plumbing in Central Texas – will we have a place to dispose of “hot pipes”?

According to a story by KHOU-Channel 11 out of Houston, radiation has contaminated the underground pipes, water tanks, and plumbing that provide drinking water for much of Central Texas and the Hill Country, much to the consternation of  concerned city officials in the region, who tested some pipes with Geiger counters.

Recently, the City of Brady made the discovery when replacing older steel water pipes.  When the city took the pipes to a local recycling scrap yard, the scrap yard turned them away as “too radioactive” to recycle.   Check out the KHOU story at Texas drinking water makes pipes and plumbing radioactive.

Could this be even more radioactive waste that will be traveling through Texas to the WCS dump in Andrews County?  Did the legislature act too hastily in not requiring a study of the capacity of the site before opening it up to the rest of the nation?  Will the WCS site be filled up by the time Central Texas cities need to get rid of old radioactive pipes?