Solarize Texas

Solarize Texas websiteLet’s Solarize Texas! Texas has more solar energy potential than any other state in the nation, but it’s going to take lots of us working together to utilize this great resource.

In 2013, Plano Solar Advocates launched the first Solarize program in Texas. The first phase of Solarize Plano was a great success and has inspired me help promote the model in other parts of the state.

Solarize is group purchasing with a strong educational component. Some programs in other states have official agency or utility backing, but many are run by nonprofit organizations and community groups.

If you are interested in getting a solar system installed on your home and want to use the opportunity to help educate others and get a discount on your installation, email me at kwhite@citizen.org.  It doesn’t take a huge group to get started, just a couple passionate volunteers.

Solarize Plano grew from a couple volunteers to a group of over 200, of which 25 are getting solar installed on their homes right now.  In fact, the program was so popular, Solarize Plano is already starting a second phase, which will likely be even more successful because of all the great community education they have already done. Solarize Garland just launched and I’m working with the enthusiastic folks at Fredericksburg SHINES to launch Solarize Fredericksburg.

Solarize is all about taking control of your own energy production, educating yourself and your community and saving money. What’s not to love about that?

Visit SolarizeTexas.org to learn more and keep track of where new Solarize Texas programs are launching.