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Hey folks, TexasVox got reinvited to the TPA Roundup, so we’re pleased to bring you the news from around the Texas blogosphere.  We’re incredibly happy to be rubbing shoulders with some of the best bloggers in the state .. nah, country.  Please to enjoy.

The Texas Progressive Alliance is imagining a world in which John Lennon lived to see his 70th birthday as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff published interviews with Democratic candidates Jeff Weems, Hector Uribe, and Hank Gilbert.

BossKitty at TruthHugger is disgusted again. This is a very serious election. America is the deer in the headlights and appears to be frozen. So, the last thing I want to hear is “its a TRUCK”! This election is all spin and conspiracy, not that previous elections haven’t been. But this one is critical because even hinting at rolling back what forward motion has been achieved. Israel is sliding, America is sliding and the radicals are ready. This is NOT the choice American’s should face.

Mathew Dowd, a Bushbot, longs for the glory days of the Bush presidency and envisions Rick Perry as president. That sound you hear is CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme retching uncontrollably.

Bay Area Houston says during Breast Cancer Awareness Month Americans are truly a sick bunch of people.

nytexan at BlueBloggin is beyond irritation at the continual hypocrisy of Congress and Republican policy of NO. Coburn and Brown Take Pay Raise and Say No To Federal Employees. It’s stunning that the US Congress can continue to give themselves pay raises every years and then claim that federal employees are overpaid. Tom Coburn believes “We need to expect more, and we need to pay less.”

The Texas governor is apparently going to finish the 2010 campaign much the way he started it: remaining cowardly, and trying to get re-elected based solely on his good looks.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts (again) on the failure of our states leadership, Public school finance continues to be a problem.

WhosPlayin writes about why it is so important for Texans to log on to www.donatelifetexas.com and check the status of their organ donor registration, and sign up if they are not already.

Neil at Texas Liberal attended the Governor’s race debate on the topic of education that was held in Houston. All the candidates were there except incumbent Rick Perry.

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