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Hybrid or used car?

Image from Flickr.com

Brendan I. Koerner over at Slate.com publishes the column “The Green Lantern,” where he investigates readers’ queries and quandries about how to be ‘green’. Column topics range from whether to buy your juice in a can or not from concentrate to what kind of tree soaks up the most carbon.

His most recent column discusses whether buying a certified pre-owned vehicle might be a greener choice than buying a new Prius given the energy that goes into the production of a new car. (Spoiler alert!) It’s not, but the column brings up many aspects of being environmentally-friendly with your car purchases beyond gas mileage that aren’t often part of the discussion, such as energy use during production, longevity of the car, and whether you could invest money you save by buying a less expensive car in energy efficiency measures in your home.

The Green Lantern also hosted a chat to answer more questions about hybrid cars, found here.

-Natalie Messer

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