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Charlie Gonzalez Update!!

Tomorrow morning at the King William Parade in San Antonio, we’ve got a great opportunity to put some pressure on Congressman Charlie Gonzalez to support strong cap and trade legislation.  Done right, a cap and trade bill would bring San Antonio thousands of green jobs, increased energy efficiency programs, and renewable energy.  Done wrong, it would force families and consumers to pay for industry and utilities’ right to pollute without a considerable reduction in carbon emissions.

So far, Congressman Gonzalez has come out in support of the latter 🙁 He is a swing vote on this issue, and how he decides to vote may influence many other important legislators.

Lucky for us, we’ll have him as a captive audience at the parade tomorrow.  He’ll be riding on a float in the parade, and that’s our
chance to make an impact when he least expects it.

Please join us tomorrow morning.  We’ll be meeting up at the 8 AM at the San Antonio Peace Center, at 1443 S. St. Mary’s — but don’t let the early hour scare you, if you can’t make it out before breakfast, the parade doesn’t start until 10.  Come by — we’ll have banners, materials to make a signs, and sign on letters.  Costumes are encouraged — after all it is a party 🙂

Free parking will be available at 1901 S Alamo Street.

For more information on this issue, check out the following statement from Andy Wilson, our Global Warming Program Director on how U.S. Rep. Charlie Gonzalez Wants to Give San Antonio’s Municipal Utility a Free Ride

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