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Ya’ll have heard of the “climategate” and other recent, escalating attacks against global warming science, and the scientists behind it. Though these attacks are getting more frequent and belligerent in nature some people are fighting back with cool heads and cold hard facts. Deniers rely on misinformation and cherry picking so much that they have made it into a new art form, but the truth is a hard thing to ultimately dodge.

Here’s the latest “Climate Crock of the Week” from Peter Sinclair. His video series is fantastic and probably one of the best resources out there for getting the down-low on the latest nonsense being spouted by FOX news or their affiliated denier zealots. He breaks down the denier myths and even uses their own references against them – showing everyone what the real science says.

Check it out, and check out his YouTube Channel for the rest of his videos. His blog can be seen here. He has also just started a video series called “Renewable Energy Solution of the Month” as a partner series to his “Climate Crocks” for some alternative, solutions-oriented messaging. Check them all out!



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