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The Environmental Protection Agency will host a community meeting, tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 30th, to discuss plans to deal with pollution from the San Jacinto River waste pits. During this meeting residents can voice their concerns, and the EPA will be discussing planned construction to repair the temporary cap. It is imperative that the EPA hear from the community and acknowledge our desire for the toxic chemicals to be removed permanently.

For decades, two waste pits located along the San Jacinto River have been leaking some of the most toxic chemicals known to man into the river. PCBs, Mercury, even cancer causing dioxin compounds such as Agent Orange have contaminated the River and its fish, seriously endangering the thousands of East Harris County residents who swim, boat, and fish there.

Please join and make your voice heard.  Click here to see the facebook invitation.

Thursday, January 30 at 6:00pm

Highlands Community Center Park

604 E Wallisville Rd

Highlands, TX 77562

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