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Humans are not the only ones feeling the change of the climate, according to a new study released by U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar called The State of the Birds: 2010 Report on Climate Change. Collaborating with experts from the nation’s leading conservation organizations, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reported that climate change has and will continue to have a devastating effect on bird species in all habitats.

“For well over a century, migratory birds have faced stresses such as commercial hunting, loss of forests,  the use of DDT and other pesticides, a loss of wetlands and other key habitat, the introduction of invasive species, and other impacts of human development,” Salazar said. “Now they are facing a new threat–climate change–that could dramatically alter their habitat and food supply and push many species towards extinction.”

The State of the Birds reports on oceanic, coastal, wetlands, islands, aridlands, grasslands and forest birds. These findings include observations and predictions, their vulnerability and potential impacts. (more…)

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