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While I’m still a little grumpy and out of sorts because the Lege didn’t pass any major energy efficiency legislation this session, I feel a little better after our office got some solar tint put on our windows on Thursday.  My office used to be a heat box.  The tint is really impressive.  I can feel the difference already.

Window Tint 6-4-09

Andy and Sarah's office, After & Before

Our utility bill will go down now, because we’re using less energy to keep the office cool.  It will also make our office more comfortable until we take the ultimate step in worker productivity: business hammocks.

If your business is in Austin, Austin Energy has a rebate for solar film or solar screens.  CPS Energy in San Antonio’s got ’em too.  Check to see if your utility offers a rebate.  If they don’t, maybe someone should tell them their customers want one, eh?

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