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Reports are beginning to roll in as to how funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka “the stimulus”) are being used in various communities, and as promised, many of the projects are an economically friendly shade of green.

Just yesterday, the EPA announced that it would dole out $10.7 million to Texas to clean up leaks from underground petroleum tanks.  That’s good news for our soil and groundwater, which become contaminated by petrol and other hazardous substances when these tanks leak.  Don’t want that in your morning coffee.

This next one isn’t a direct result of the stimulus bill, but still represents how we can transition to a cleaner, greener economy even as we lift people out of economic hardship.  Earlier this week, we heard that the U.S. Labor Department’s Veterans Workforce Investment Program is passing on $7.5 million to veterans organizations in several states (including Texas) for green jobs training programs. Programs to train vets to install solar panels and repair solar hot water heaters can provide well paying, in-demand jobs to a segment of the population that well deserves a place in the new green economy.

Anybody heard of any other examples of great green investments or your stimulus dollars at work?

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